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Before I switched to a new blogging/comment platform which reset all comments, I received the following comment from someone who clearly neglected to read my Penny-Anti post:

I just wonder at what point in time do you all realize there is no scientific basis for your foundation theology regarding Israelites migrating to the Americas to become the Nephites and Lamanites and that it’s all a load of BS. The whole family based ideal that the church is based on is laudable and something to be honored but the facts don’t support the beliefs….Andy B, Lethbridge

As anti-mormon comments go, the one left by Andy B of beautiful Lethbridge, Alberta, is fairly tame. I considered deleting this comment as is my prerogative as the owner of this site, but decided against it. (Not because his trenchant argument was rocking the foundations of my testimony.) But while I really don’t want to engage with anti-Mormons, sometimes, unfortunately, I can’t help myself, and this is the reply I posted:

I wouldn’t call the fact that some people built and used a boat our “foundation theology”. I will concede that an extremely small number of people don’t believe there is a scientific basis for the assertion that certain trans-oceanic migrations took place prior to 1492. A much larger group of people don’t believe that Lehi and his family were among those migrations. But I’m not sure I follow the line of reasoning that ties it all to “a load of BS”. Please don’t misunderstand; this is not an invitation to elaborate.

I suppose the answer to his actual (presumably rhetorical) question could have been, simply: “probably never”. But he must have known that. I guess I don’t understand the compulsion to seek out online Mormon communities and post denigrating comments. If you left something behind, like your religious beliefs, wouldn’t you want to get on with your life, rather than obsess about that former religion, and antagonize those who still adhere to it? It’s a bizarre way to live your life, I guess. It seems to me that there are so many more worthwhile pursuits with which to occupy one’s time, particualrly now that they’ve freed up an extra three hours every Sunday. They must think they’re doing us all a favour; like reverse missionary work. Weird. I don’t get it.

The question of what motivates anti-mormons does not keep me up at night, so once again, I discourage comments from those who might be predisposed to incivility in their reply.

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