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Mormon Celebs! (They're just like us!!)

In a recent post, I mentioned a few Mormon celebrities, or at least, the few I recognized from the awesome I’m A Mormon campaign, like Brandon Flowers, who is arguably the most “real-world” famous person from that campaign. There are others, of course, who didn’t get their own video at, but are celebrities in their own right, like Torah Bright, that Gold-Medal winning snowboarder.

Incidentally, that article I just linked to for Torah Bright underscores just how unusual our Latter-day Saint Christian values have become in this day and age. People are baffled by the sheer novelty and anachronism of it all. Look at the headline: “‘I’ve never drunk or smoked,’ says champion snowboarder Torah Bright.” Subheading: “She also doesn’t drink tea or coffee - and won’t have sex until she’s married. Think she’s boring? Then let’s see you do a Switch Backside!”

There are several lists online in various places that identify famous Mormons, like David Archuletta, Carmen Rasmusen, and Ken Jennings, (Wikipedia’s list of notable Latter-day Saints looks like it’s the most authoritative, comprehensive, and well-maintatined.)

(I remember being rather excited at the news that Gladys Knight had converted to Mormonism.)

But if reading through that list does anything, it demonstrates that Mormons are kind of everywhere. Think we didn’t help co-create Yo Gabba Gabba? Think again! We’ve got our fingers in a surprising number of pies.

The most heartbreaking list is the one (also on Wikipedia) listing those famous people who were Mormon, but have since fallen away. Just think of the Public Relations coup if we’d been able to hang onto the likes of Amy Adams, Ryan Gosling, Katherine Heigl, Eliza Dushku, Aaron Eckhart, and Paul Walker. (Even Warren Zevon was a Mormon, apparently, once upon a time.)

Those Elder’s Quorums in Los Angeles need to start home teaching and reactivating these celebrities quick, so that we can all relive the halcyon days of yesteryear, when The Osmonds were the bright stars in the Mormon firmament; our ambassadors to the world…

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